Posted by: feryate68 | August 2, 2011

We Raised $500.56 at Our 1st Fundraiser Yard Sale On Saturday

Amount Raised: $500.56

Number of Volunteers Who Contributed Their Time: 14

Number of Attendees: 125 – 150 People

Number of Hours Volunteered to Put Event On: 150 hours

Volunteers Who Worked on Friday or Saturday:

  1. Erin Feryate
  2. Mustapha Feryate
  3. Jim Feltman
  4. Judy Van Dyke
  5. Kelli Van Dyke
  6. Sue Gadbois
  7. Vidal Martinez
  8. Pastor Jonathan Brownson
  9. Jeannette Browson
  10. Sherian St.Patrick
  11. Ayla McInerney
A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped raise the first $500 for our new neighborhood center, and to the Women’s Service Day Group for their support!

Yard Sale front door of churchTo The Dozens of Neighbors Who Donated The Great Items



  1. Hooray! Way to kick off the fundraising activities!

  2. […] yard sale held on July 30 raised over $500 for Nuestra Casa/The Gathering Place. Thank you to everyone who contributed baked goods and other items to the […]

  3. Please add my dear wife Jeannette to your list of volunteers for the yard sale. And thanks so much for getting the word out.

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