Posted by: Marcia Davis | October 9, 2011

Creating “Pride of Place” in Westcore Neighborhood

Women’s Service Day, an annual day of service that occurred this year on October 6, had a specific focus this year: neighborhood revitalization. And the primary goal was to prepare the Nuestra Casa neighborhood center for renovation, which will be an ongoing project over the next year. But that’s not all.

If you were out and about that day, you may have felt the energy of these women volunteers, working alongside Westcore neighbors on a variety of projects. A collaboration between Good Samaritan Ministries, New Community/Fourth Reformed Church, and Women’s Service Day, the event helped create “pride of place” in the Westcore Neighborhood.

What was accomplished?

  • A house was scraped and painted–all in one day.
  • A ramp was built for a disabled neighbor who was dependent on his son to carry him in his wheelchair down his front steps.
  • Numerous home improvement projects–scraping, caulking, spackling, plastering, trimming, mowing, and weeding–happened all around the neighborhood.

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  1. […] This year, 111 women signed up. And a number of them worked at Nuestra Casa, as well as in the Westcore Neighborhood. Removing electrical components Surveying the work assignment Removing debris from the floor Niki […]

  2. In both what was done and how it was done, the women of Women’s Service Day have made a not to be forgotten investment in our West Core neighborhood.

  3. A round of applause. Despite the name of the organization, these women are working with our neighborhood for not only a day, but for an entire year (plus!)!!

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