Posted by: Marcia Davis | October 9, 2011

Local Women Help Prepare Nuestra Casa for Renovation

Judi and Diane work upstairs

After several neighborhood clean-up days, plus a Hope College service day at  Nuestra Casa, a Women’s Service Day crew did final prep work for renovation–removing electrical wires, nails, and other debris.

It was all part of an annual event that’s been going on for 10 years in our community. This year, 111 women signed up. And a number of them worked at Nuestra Casa, as well as in the Westcore Neighborhood.

Removing electrical components

Surveying the work assignment

Removing debris from the floor

Niki shows Marcia the work they're assigned

The stairway at Nuestra Casa

Niki removes electrical wires.

Cathy cleans up debris

Kim and Janice work in the back yard

In addition to the renovation preparation, the crew also did some landscaping around the property.

Hostas and tulips planted at the front walk of Nuestra Casa

And, Women’s Service Day, which coordinated some fundraising efforts, raised $2,400 that will be applied toward construction materials.

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