Posted by: jamesfeltman | November 5, 2011

Halloween Haunted House

Raul, Baltazar and the Westcore youth ready to scare some folks

On Halloween night, Raul Garcia, Baltazar Nunez, and enthusiastic youths from VR Tech transformed Nuestra Casa (253 W 15th St) into a Haunted House for the Westcore kids (and adults!!).  Over 275 kids (plus over 100 adults) passed through the front door of Nuestra Casa.  We cannot be sure, but we believe almost all of them made it out the back door.

The team decorated the house with cobwebs, crime scene tape and flashing lights.  Terrified trick-or-treaters were surrounded by scary music, macabre laughter, and sudden noises.  As they walked through the house, dangling wigs were dropped on their heads from the second floor and lifeless “statues” jumped to life, grabbing at the visitors.

Being at this phase of the Nuestra Casa construction, made it a perfect time for this event.  With the interior gutted to the studs and all unnecessary walls and ceilings removed, a better scenario for a haunted house could not be found.  Look at the pictures, and see if you agree.

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  1. Looks super scaaarrry! What a great haunted house!

  2. Thanks for posting this! Looks like great fun.

  3. Great job Jim and team, love the photos and spooky details. My 4 year-old son was scared when he went through the Haunted house with my husband. Sorry I did not get a chance to see it in person cause I was still not feeling well that night. Looks like it was a great success!!!!

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