Posted by: jamesfeltman | November 19, 2011

Phelps Scholars help out at Nuestra Casa

The Phelps Scholars at Nuestra Casa

On Saturday, November 19, 2011, 7 Hope College Phelps Scholars braved the cold, gloomy, windy weather to help “tidy up” Nuestra Casa (253 W 15th St) for the next stage of development.

Allison and Nicki worked inside the house, pulling the last stubborn nails and working the Shop Vac nonstop, cleaning up the remaining dust and debris from this summer’s demolition.

We also had four students working in the back yard.  They raked the last of the fallen leaves and harvested the remaining crop from the Community Garden (kale, a giant turnip, broccoli, onions, and yes, a few tomatoes that survived this long!).  They cut the vegetable garden back, tilled the soil, and started a composting heap in the back (getting ready for next year!).  After cleaning up debris, and spreading some mulch, the garden and yard are ready for the long winter.

Baltazar was hopping between Nuestra Casa and the Hope House, digging a 2 foot hole alongside the Hope House to install a casement window, and helping in the garden at Nuestra Casa.

A big thank you goes out to these students who gave up a Saturday morning and afternoon to help improve the Westcore neighborhood.

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  1. Excellent! Many thanks to the Phelps scholars and to the neighbors who worked with them.


    • Hey, Ismael. The Phelps Scholars helped out on Saturday, November 19, 2011, as part of their community involvement requirements.

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