Posted by: jamesfeltman | December 2, 2011

Antonio Teran: Giving back to the community

Antonio has lived in Holland for seven years.  He works at Jansen Farms Hatcheries and lives in the Westcore Neighborhood with his 11 year-old  son, Marvin, who goes to school at Holland West K-7.

Antonio is a member in a local band, Cielo Abierto (Open Heaven). This band is blessed with Antonio’s musical talent.  He can play guitar, bass, drums and piano, plus also sing!  Antonio writes many of the songs in a Mexican ballad style.  Some of Cielo Abierto’s music can be found on YouTube.

Antonio worships at a small house church, Smyrna, at 17th and Ottawa.  He also attends ESL classes at New Community Fourth’s Wednesday night Living in Community.

This fall, Antonio was wrongfully evicted from his apartment when the house in which he was a tenant went into foreclosure.  This caused a great deal of turmoil in Antonio’s life as he had to scramble to pack up his and his son’s his possessions and find a new place to live, while keeping the rest of his life in balance.  When the foreclosing bank was notified that Antonio had been wrongfully evicted, they offered financial compensation to Antonio with the condition that he remove all the personal property on the premises in less than 5 days!  He had neither the time nor the means to do this huge task but was willing to do whatever it took to get those funds into the neighborhood.  So with his cooperation, and help from Jeannette and Jonathan Brownson and a group of neighbors and friends (including Juan Estrada, Dave Pedersen, Karen Seymour, Isaac Ramirez, Kyle Bradfield, Jeremy Myers, Jim Feltman, and neighbor Claude), 2 trips to the dump were made with all the debris.  Within a few days Antonio had a check from the bank. ALL OF THIS WAS DONE BY THE COMMUNITY IN A WEEK, WORKING TOGETHER!

What did he do with the money?  He gave most of it ($1,200) to Nuestra Casa!!!

Why would he do this!?!  Antonio recalled a very difficult time of his life.  He had recently been divorced, and was going through an emotional roller coaster ride.  He was brought to his knees.  When he looked up, Antonio realized that God had waited until he was crying out in anguish before showing up in his life.

Since that moment, Antonio has grown in his love of God, his neighbors and many friends.  This unexpected windfall to him was one way he could give back to the community, and he is happy to do it.



  1. wow.

  2. Que bonito historia. Que Dios les bendiga. Gloria a Dios.

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