Posted by: Marcia Davis | December 20, 2012

Keep Nuestra Casa in Mind for Your Year-End Giving

Thanks to many volunteers this year, we’ve continued to make great strides in creating “pride of place” in the City of Holland to prepare Nuestra Casa for renovation.

Participants on Women’s Service Day raised a whopping $2,400 this year and many people in Westcore neighborhood and our community contributed to other fundraisers, including a car wash and a holiday shopping event. Between these events and the numerous grants and donations received, the project has reached nearly half of its funding.

Much work has happened this year to prepare the building for construction:

  • An architect completed detailed plans, pro bono, and has received city approval
  • We’ve completed deconstruction and clean-up so the building shell is ready for work
  • We’ve assembled all the requirements for the building permit application
  • The garage has been structurally shored up so it’s ready to be our staging area for materials
  • We’ve obtained a structural review so we know exactly what needs to happen
  • We reconnected the structure to the city water supply

And, the Westcore Neighbors organization has established a Board and applied for 501c3 status.

It’s exciting to see the progress for making this neighborhood center dream come true!

Won’t you consider a donation toward neighborhood revitalization this year? It’s easy to do. You can simply write a check to Good Samaritan Ministries, the project’s fiduciary agent, with “Nuestra Casa” in the memo line and send it to:

Good Samaritan Ministries
513 East 8th Street
Suite 25
Holland, MI 49423

Or, you can make an online donation.

Any contribution you can make is appreciated!


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