Posted by: kalliespidahl | June 1, 2013

Women Who Care Donation

We are excited to announce that Nuestra Casa has received $21,600 in donations from Women Who Care.

Women Who Care, a group of women from the Holland area, meets quarterly to select a nonprofit organization as a donation recipient. Members first nominate an organization. Three organizations are then selected randomly, and the group votes on which of the organizations or causes will receive the donations. Everyone in the group writes a check for $100 to that organization.

Nuestra Casa was one of the three organizations selected to present and Lois Maassen of Women’s Service Day presented on behalf of Nuestra Casa. The 216 women at the Women Who Care event were moved by Lois’ personal words and Nuestra Casa received 216 x $100 checks. That’s $21,600! We are thrilled to have this community support as we move forward with renovation plans this summer.



  1. What a wonderful contribution towards building neighborhood connections and a stronger fabric of community in the Westcore Neighborhood.

  2. […] to the funding recently received (see last post) we are able to start making major steps towards the renovation of Nuestra Casa. Today volunteers […]

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