Posted by: Marcia Davis | October 23, 2013

Keep the Momentum Going!

Thanks to fabulous volunteers, including our construction leads Ben Sikkink and David DeBlock and the women of Women’s Service Day 2013, we’ve made great strides with Nuestra Casa. Here’s a visual tour of what was accomplished in just one day on October 3:

To keep the momentum going, we need you! We have Saturday work sessions every week now through mid-December. If you can join us for any (or all!) of them, let us know by signing up with this online form.

We’re also looking for folks who are looking for projects for their company work teams, church groups, service organization (Rotary, anyone?), knit clubs, exercise classes, or families could do together. We’re happy to work with you to find a weekday that works with your schedule if that’s your preference; just contact us via this form.Nuestra Casa renovation

Help us keep the momentum going! All it takes is a few hours with a hammer. Or, you know, a saw.


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