Posted by: Marcia Davis | April 20, 2014

Great Weather for Work Days

Nuestra Casa neighborhood centerIt’s possible, one of these days, that it may be too hot to do construction work comfortably. Why not sign up as a crew leader or bring a crew to work while the weather this spring is ideal? Temperate weather is perfect for framing and outdoor work. If we have enough volunteers, we are ready to add porch rails and siding on the second floor.

This weekend’s crew continued the renovation project with lots of cutting and fitting. On the inside they did sheathing on the stairs and framing on the rear wall; on the outside they patched and sealed the west wall, and sided that wall up to the base of the second floor. Thanks to their help, we’re ready to insulate next Saturday.

But we continue to need volunteers! We’re especially looking for Westcore neighbors to get involved. How about a family outing? A diversion from the book club? A birthday celebration? (It’s happened before at Nuestra Casa.)

The Women’s Service Day team is managing work days. If you’d like to volunteer, either as a crew leader or on a crew, please contact:

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