Posted by: Marcia Davis | April 27, 2014

Hearts for Serving

Tom and Connie Boeve

Mekenzie and Josilyn Boeve

It’s construction season at Nuestra Casa, with volunteer crews showing up almost every Saturday this spring. If you’re looking for a way to spend quality time with your family, why not engage in a volunteer activity like the Boeve family did recently?

Dedicated to serving their community, Tom and Connie Boeve, along with their daughters Mekenzie and Josilyn, spent a Saturday working at Nuestra Casa with many of our loyal volunteers from Hope Church, Westcore Neighbors, Washington School Neighbors, and our reliable construction leaders, Ben and Dave, on another gorgeous spring day.

Connie Boeve said, “We had a great morning. We finished the deck and prepped for insulation coming next week. The guys were awesome to work with and found jobs for all of us. My daughters really enjoyed it, too. They share my heart for serving. Thanks for all your coordination!”

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In addition to the deck finishing and insulation preparation, the team installed the second story siding, plus the fascia and soffets. Nuestra Casa is going to look good for Tulip Time.

Thanks to everyone who has been volunteering!

If you’re interested in coordinating a volunteer event with your family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors, contact Women’s Service Day, which is managing construction, at


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