Posted by: Marcia Davis | January 17, 2015

Honoring Dr. King at Nuestra Casa

NC_1.17.15-7It’s obvious that Westcore Neighbors has a good relationship with Hope College student volunteers. Not only have Hope students helped renovate Nuestra Casa during several Time to Serve volunteer work days in the past, but they also broadened their outreach into the spring semester this year.

Today, Hope students headed out to nonprofit organizations all over Holland, with a crew of 11 working at Nuestra Casa, for the Martin Luther King Time to Serve day. The event is meant to inspire interest in service while helping acquaint newer students with the Holland community and other students. And, of course, to commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Directed by the steadfast construction leaders from Hope Church, the crew helped out by shoveling the driveway for easier access, doing touch-up work (e.g., filling holes, sanding) to prepare for trim painting, and installing flooring on the second floor–all very important tasks so next week’s work crew can jump in and paint!

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