About Our Place

Nuestra Casa/The Gathering Place began as a vacant home at 253 West 15th Street in Holland’s Westcore Neighborhood. Through a collaboration among Nueva Comunidad/Fourth Reformed Church, Good Samaritan Ministries, Women’s Service Day, and Westcore Neighbors, it will be renovated to become a place for neighbors to gather.

The vision is of a place where neighbors—friends or strangers—can gather. As a sort of clubhouse, it will have a large meeting room, a functional kitchen, a community garden. It can host book clubs, coffee klatches, and knitting groups. It will be a comfortable place for tutoring, for art classes, for computer lessons. It will be a place where neighbors can share what they know about gardening or home repair or the law or household budgets. It will be a place for preparing meals together, learning to preserve food, breaking bread, building community one relationship at a time.

We hope Nuestra Casa/The Gathering Place will create “pride of place” and a gathering place for our residents who live among so many abandoned homes, as well as encourage future revitalization projects in the City of Holland.



  1. Please contact me regarding the landscaping. I have permission from my boss for us to do some ‘pro-bono’ work….design/installation/plants. !!!!
    I can get this rolling as soon as I get the permission from you .

    • Hi Lisa. It was good talking with you the other day and throwing around some ideas. I think we are going into hibernation mode (as far as the landscaping is involved) until next spring. This will give you all winter to come up with some great ideas. Your interest and desire to help is great!!

  2. Best. Birthday. Ever. Thanks Jim, Raoul, and Women’s Service Day for making it so easy and enjoyable, and for ordering up April weather in early February so none of us froze!

    • We’re so glad the weather was cooperative! Thanks to you all for coming out and helping!

  3. Ordering a load of planting soil to be delivered (donated by my company, Landscape Design Services) in the next couple weeks for the veggie garden out back.

  4. My sister has an upright piano in good working order that she will donate to anyone or any organization that would like it. She lives in historic district of Holland and can be reached at 616-392-7718.

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